Waarom Cultuurprofilering

Arts and Culture Education - content and outcome -

Report and documents of the CIDREE 2- day meeting
This international 2-day meeting in the Netherlands was scheduled for the 17th and 18th September, 2013.

The key questions of the meeting were:

  1. How do secondary schools in European countries choose their content for arts and culture education?
  2. On what basis (theory, skills, competences like creativity, development of knowledge and understanding) do teachers, school leaders or education developers make their choices for content and quality in their curriculum?
  3. Do they focus on certain disciplines, on the crafts within the disciplines, on multidisciplinary activities or coherence with other subjects?

Lunch and presentation at the Arte Collge.

On the first day we had interesting presentations and discussions and closed the day with a lovely round tour at the Dom of Utrecht. Day 2 consisted of visiting two Cultural Focus Schools (VCPS) with presentations and discussion.
Within this 2-day expert meeting we gained knowledge and insight from each country focused on the choices they have made to deliver arts education.

The two days were inspiring, diverse and successful. The VCPS, the Cultural Focus Schools of the Netherlands, together with CIDREE and SLO, the Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development will explore the possibilities for a follow up in the future so we can have a deeper and closer look at topics like for example the framework for arts and culture-curricula and the inspectorate in arts-education.

This conference has been made possible by the 'CIDREE grants 2013' and by financial support from the VCPS, Cultural Focus Schools of the Netherlands. It has been developed by the CIDREE members SLO - Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development, Education Scotland, University of Tartu (Estonia) and in close cooperation with the VCPS.

For any question please contact:
Mrs. Astrid Rass
- Conference manager SLO
- Project manager of the support centre for VCPS